Webbanalys webbanalys


Din webbläsare stöds inte

Märkligt nog envisas vissa webbplatser att påtala att din webbläsare stöds inte.

Pi-Hole enforced internet

Using a Pi-hole unit in your network brings many advantages, block internet cruft!

Random Amazon bot visits

Visits by bots are normal for a site, however bots out of Amazons IP range play it differently.

Telefonnasare bryter mot NIX

NIX registrering av ett telefonnummer skall innebära att du slipper telefonförsäljare, men inte alla respekterat spärrlistor...

Blocking web crawlers

Detecting and blocking bad web crawlers can be done several ways, but just blocking them are a half measure...

Serprank anomaly

Changes in serprank occurs, sometimes the impact is a bit spastic. Then there are the oddities with impressions which are obviously...