Webbanalys webbanalys


2018AUG14 Dodgy web crawlers frequently hit web servers resulting in many errors. Block bad web crawlers with RTS.
2018AUG13 Webbanalytiker, som missar att revidera den egna sajten, är i behov av webbanalyser.
2018JUN14 Snabbhet och prestanda är för en webbplats väsentligt, med t.ex. Lighthouse kan aktuell prestanda testas före och efter ombyggnad.
2018JUN12 Since IP addresses are considered PII, anonymization is required in order to be GDPR compliant. Also manage your data retention!
2018JUL06 With GDPR effectively active it means IP addresses in web server logs or passed on in analytics tracking calls are to be treated as PII. Take control and manage it.
2018MAR09 As the web closes in on July 2018, when Chrome starts to mark HTTP sites as not secure, a shift to HTTPS brings benefits of boosting SERP rank.
2018FEB18 Digital Analysts using only client side data collection on websites are missing out on server performance issues, 414 errors are typically out of sight.
2018FEB17 Web Analytics vs. Digital Analytics, the shift is near as the expansion of data included in analytics passes beyond pure web.
2018JAN16 Over time old page content falls into decay, but with an audit as reference on performance status, improvement of page SERP rank is easily done.