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This website is published by Fulton Yancy with focus on web | digital analytics but also anything associated to internet technology. As the domain implicates it is a Swedish website despite the mix of content in both Swedish and English. As a rule of thumb the content in Swedish covers topics of a more local interest or is simply just very old content. The English content is for a more global audience.


Having run a Wildcat BBS back in the 90's my first touch on analytics was when I built a log analyzer in Turbo Pascal, very likely the time when an spark of interest in traffic data analysis was ignited. Things took off when I found a box of WebTrends software in a shelf at a company I was working for back in 1996, from there it's been pretty much web analytics and other analytical software I've worked with since.

Over the years since I've worked for a number of software vendors in the web analytics market of which given the rampant consolidation waves the past years means very few are still around and still processing massive amounts of digital data:

WebTrends | WebSideStory | Visual Sciences | Omniture | Nedstat | comScore

As of September 2023 my new work home is Accrease with a definative focus on Adobe Analytics.


All opinions are mine except where stated otherwise, and should not in any implied / misunderstood way reflect that of any employer present or past.

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